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    Dr Greg netherlands and tutor David Karoly join Lateline Way too in victoria, The Victorian Government's chief around the world adviser, Tutor David Karoly.

    Merit to pair of you for joining us. And then brian Karoly, We'll go to you first because the Victorian Premier has today linked the firestorms to wipeout of the earths, Saying there's clear evidence now that the climate is increasingly extreme, And he's announced a royal commission to look at changes to planning laws and fire organizing, And he says everything is available. So how radical do you feel those changes must be? Wayne KAROLY, CLIMATOLOGIST, Victoria school: Possess a view, It's really hard to tell how radical would the alterations need to be in the emergency services to handle the firestorms that were experienced on Saturday. It's most probably that next to nothing could cope with that sort of intense fire. But it is clear that things can be done to slow down wipeout of the earths, And we certainly know that our planets atmosphere will bring higher frequencies of the extreme fire weather that was experienced on Saturday. TONY JONES: We just heard your colleague Andy Pittman Professor Andy Pittman say there'll have to be some very hard queries about whether we should rebuild where settlements have been burned out. What do you advance that? Chris KAROLY: Wl, Absolutely, Without regard for where one decides to build, Absolutely nothing risks. And even, Us a, I probably wouldn't are going to build or, You're likely of, Buy a house in a particularly fire prone area, And there truly must be going to be increased risks of severe bushfires in all of the forested areas that have essentially been you know, More houses are being built or more people are moving into those areas in the last couple of decades. TONY JONES: Would you anticipate the royal commission fee to look into that, To make descriptions? Because they days, The Prime Minister or everyone from the Prime Minister on down pretty much is saying these people should be able to rebuild asap. Brian KAROLY: All right, However the royal monetary fee, As the Premier features, Covers a big range of issues. And I would expect that one of those issues certainly is the planning, Just it is, Measures and in fact gemstone wise or unwise to allow people to build in those areas. That sort of decision will obviously be house home property real estate mortgage property foreclosure planning decisions, But it will depend very much on insurance risk. And it almost certainly that insurers will decide that that sort of area is beyond reasonable risk analysis. TONY JONES: Greg holland, What you think this? Because it is extremely hard to say to people whose homes that they've lived in for many, Many generations, Some for a long time, Currently bull dozed. It's problematic to tell people they perhaps shouldn't be living in those areas. GREG holland, US CENTRE FOR ATMOSPHERIC conclusions: We are going to, Tony, You've given a very good sign of the real problem when you say they have lived there for a long time, And perhaps such as as an example up at Marysville, Now is the very first-time they've had the major disaster. We assume that, I think the royal cut needs to inspect this what to get on black friday in some detail. But, Dependable decision, And that if the choice is made to build in these areas and let's not pretend: It's very hard to build in any area that's not dangerous relatively, Then deciding should be made to put in place the proper procedures for people to actually get straight. Approximately of waking time, If home gets deleted, Then your house gets destroyed. But it's the loss of life that is critical. And really simple to apply say, I was extremely concerned to hear that a very large part of varied life not in Kinglake, Where they were caught very quickly, But in a lot of cases when folks who left way too late and ended up getting caught in their cars. But the truth is, It was the evacuation plan that was actual problem there, Not really much because you were living there. TONY JONES: As of late, Greg the low united states, I know that you argue it's too late it stop a lot of this warming so that mitigation will probably need to start now. Just how may you mean by"Minimization" As well as, Truthfully, Are we talking about adapting that it may be an awful lot hotter for a lot more of the year in many of the these communities and areas and regions? GREG holland: Certain, Tony, It's a regrettable fact of life that the volume of greenhouse gases and the other changes that we've already made will be with us for decades. I'm reasons and arguing for both. I think we definitely need to actually change our habits so that we can leave our kids and our youngsters's kids with a better world to live in. By contrast, Over the rest of my lifetime and indeed your other lifetime and many some others, We has to adapt, We're have to accept that it's not gonna be six days per summer of extreme temperatures, It may be 20 days per summer of extreme temperatures and we have to take the perfect actions to actually live with those conditions. TONY JONES: Looking at it and I'd just like to get a sense of all those feelings, Greg the low regions. You've come I know that you were previously born here, But you've come from the usa where they've seen difficulties with wildfires and other forms of extreme weather. You think and is it the consensus of the analysts who were with you today at that conference, That this is down to climatic change and global warming? GREG the low countries around the world: I black friday deals sneakers think that if you do a consensus of those scientists that are active in the area and publishing in the area across the country and the IPCC is an illustration of this this; This is the International Program on climatic change that the overwhelming consensus is that the globe is warming. The mind-boggling consensus is that this is making changes to tornados and rare events, Be it heavy bad weather factors, Droughts, Sultry cyclones or the. The problem that we have at present is your the science is that we complain really say by how much. Properly, I could say it may be easily double, It truly is three times, Maybe it's half the same again, But I don't think there's too much doubt that the severe events and the really extreme events 'll increase and, Absolutely obviously, Have already commenced to do so. TONY JONES: Ding Karoly, I think you've made the case already recently that this is happening much faster than serious scientists expected it to. Harry KAROLY: There does exist evidence that to produce, Extremely rainfall declines in the east of Australia, Other items like retreat of arctic sea ice are happening considerably faster than the best estimate, As soon as you rave about, The mid range estimate of wipeout of the earths from the intergovernmental panel on our planets atmosphere. They're probably one particular things are happening at the highest range or at the upper limit of what the climate models would project. And even for issues arctic sea ice are encountering faster than even climate models would predict. As a result, Helpful, We are seeing many changes black friday deals on friday that are developing faster than the IPCC climate models would've believed. TONY JONES: And sometimes you may feel, Do you believe that that is definitely that what we're seeing in Victoria, These dreadful fire storms, Are related directly to global warming and wipeout of the earths? They KAROLY: It's not at all easy to attribute a single event to global warming or to natural variability. What we have to do is really look at the balance of possibility or the risk or chances of these events. And what we can say is we can get extreme events that fit this description, This kind of as firestorms, Just because of natural variability. But what we're seeing now is that the dice have been heavily loaded so that the chances of a lot of these extreme fire weather situations are occurring much more rapidly in the last 10 years due to climate change. So our planets atmosphere has loaded the dice. And what we're seeing is a much greater event of this extreme fire enviorment. And certainly in certain scenarios, We're seeing not bettered extremes. The hot temperatures on Saturday in Melbourne and in many parts in south eastern Australia were unequalled. The records were broken by lot and you simply can't explain that just by natural variability. And climate change due to increasing greenhouse gases has been a major factor in increasing temperatures and likely preparing the drought in south eastern Australia. TONY JONES: Then, You'd be aware and history tells us in fact that the stipulations that resulted in the Black Friday firestorm in Victoria, That were found in 1939, Were actually just much these ones. Is there any adjustment? Come on, Could this just be a sort of once in 50 year or 60 or 70 year popular online practical usage? Joe KAROLY: They were similar in various factors, Your predominant north winds, The quite high heat range, The definitely dry undergrowth. But there were also a number of significant difference, As an example the heatwave that we had the week before in Melbourne with three days in a row above 43 degrees Celsius. The Black Friday bushfires in 1939 in Melbourne did not have that time period extreme heat indeed just, If you discover, In short order quick dried all the plants, Dried out all the undergrowth and really produced tinder and wood that was just primed for a disastrous firestorm and it is exactly what occurred. As i've already explained, It isn't likely to attribute any single event to global warming. Then again, Climate change, Pointed out, Has loaded the dice and has increased the probability of most of these events occurring. So what we're seeing is a shift in the climate that allows these kinds of severe fire weather events to occur much more commonly. And consequently regretfully, The changes that are in train already mean that they can become much more common over the next 10 and 20 years besides what we've seen in the last 10 years. TONY JONES: You, Greg the low lands, Do you go along with that studying the data you're seeing from in america? GREG holland: Oh, Absolutely. I think there is no question you can't attribute to any one event our planets atmosphere or indeed climate variability. But the way I would put it I think David's quotation with loaded dice is a decent one. I would put it in a rather several particular fashion, Make a choice; That is that it's not that the last length of time, Or indeed the last two or three weeks can be directly attributed to climate change. What we have to accept is which is possible a lot more often. So it's not gonna be 30 years prior to when the next, It's going to be 15 years before these things. And another critical factor that gets left out of a lot of the meteorological discussion is that, As it or cold, There are a host of more of us nowadays, And so there are plenty of more people in the way of these systems, So the danger keeps getting amplified by blend these factors. You can find good story here, I'm nervous. TONY JONES: Looking at it from your point of view and let's not forget that while we're seeing fires in the south of the nation, We're seeing floods in north of luton. And you've very looked closely at cyclone activity in its northern border hemisphere. Reveal what an individual seen there. GREG holland: I think we can take each one of them together. It doesn't actually matter whether a 100 year flash flood or a 100 year recurrence of a tropical cyclone or a 100 year recurrence of a heatwave or a bushfire situation. All are tremendous events. Which means if you feel of them in terms of a division of events, We have an excess of events; Per day we have a maximum setting. At the two opposites, Whether any sexual events, They are supposed to increase. There are good meteorological reasons for that and a great deal good statistical and physical reasons for today's black friday deals that and I know of no evidence to say that rrt's going to go the other way. Planning to sounds silly, In fact, To those each time you say, "Simply speaking, Look, For the ac have more heatwaves and droughts and, Alright, You likely will have more flash floods, And web-based an example there of how that works meteorologically, As globally heats up, Could be more moisture in the oxygen. When a cloud occurs, It down cascades more. But when the cloud is gone altogether, There is a bit more evaporation of water from the surface so the bushfire situation come a lot more likely. So dissimilar to 30 or 40 issue, It may have taken a couple of months or three or six months to get to treatment plans, Now it may you need to two weeks or three weeks. TONY JONES: Brian Karoly, We've seen in recent years massive forest wildfires in north america, Tour, In a visit to portugal, Together with here. Is quarterly report weaker, Or is this simply part of an international pattern? John KAROLY: And it's also part of a global pattern, But Australia has been identified in many studies, Including by Professor Garnaut's climatic change review of Australia, That Australia is in fact the developed country most at risk from the adverse impacts of around the world. Not just gone up wavelengths of bushfires, But as soon that you will said, More heavy bad weather events, Particular the impacts of tropical cyclones, In northern set of questions and storm surges, Adverse impacts from climate rises and ever-elevating carbon dioxide levels and their impacts on the oceans, So endangering of the Barrier Reef, Harm to the Kakadu wetlands, Lessing of the alpine areas. So Australia is has organic heritage areas of at potential risk.

    It has a very high residents along the coastline which is at danger from storm surges. And the, It's at great risk in its gardening areas from decreases in rainfall in the the west of Australia and also in the south east of Australia. So rather a lot areas where Australia has many adverse impacts from global warming, And the assessment from a number of studies is that Australia is in fact the developed country with the most adverse impacts and almost no beneficial impacts from around the world.

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