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    Damn lies and lack of an opportunity data COMMENTARY Reading the media coverage from Friday's Labor unit use report, You'd where can i get black friday ads think things would like up for the economy and the unemployed.

    Completely, They 2016 black friday ads are not. Buying enough I hate to be the bringer of not so great, You can look at things I hate even more, Like optimistic sound bites that hide the main issue and selfish people in politics who mislead the public. Positively, The lack of employment rate dropped to 8.6 per cent and we added 120,000 jobs at the end of. Whoopee. Roughly half the event is because 315,000 workers finally gave up on choosing job and the partner is from seasonal jobs in retail, Bistros and night clubs. Plus, But experienced. Add when it comes to 100,000 jobs a month just to population growth. Those economy has been adding roughly 100,000 jobs per month routinely, That's a drop in the bucket vs eight million plus jobs that were lost in the Great Recession, Or whatever you intend to call the mortgage crisis and banking meltdown. At 34 months and reckoning, This is the longest streak of more than 8 percent joblessness since they started tracking it monthly in 1948. Economic and employment forecasts for 2012 are not pushing. Personal finance growth at a pokey 2.4 percent next year and being out of work remaining pretty much unchanged at 8.7 percentage in 2012. Your credit balances crisis here and in Europe, New legislation like Obamacare and Dodd Frank and an overall climate of economic and political skepticism all conspire to keep companies from hiring and consumers from spending Black Friday in spite of. Yet somehow, In a voice Friday heading towards White House, Obama wasted little time before breaking out the Kool Aid to celebrate the news: As home, My most pressing challenge is doing almost anything I can regularly to get this economy growing faster and create more jobs. Today we found that our economy added another 140,000 private sector jobs in remember national. The jobless rate took place. And despite the use of some strong headwinds this year, The American economy has now created in the private sector jobs within the last few 21 months in a row; Which 's almost 3 million new jobs in all, And over fifty percent a million during four months. I'm sure the president can also spin some prodding rhetoric about how his useage made all that happen, And how tragic it would have been if he hadn't black friday online shopping pushed through all the law that hurled our nation into record debt, Amongst other stuff. Proper, Right listed here are black friday sales now dose of reality. Political figures can give speeches about economic recovery and job creation all that like, But up until the time december of 2012, The federal government No. 1 priority is to find out he gets reelected, With also GOP's No. 1 priority is to make certain of he doesn't.

    Until that gets been able, Not a whole lot will almost certainly get done in Washington. Active along by the mean time, We'll surely see another year of record or near record unemployment, Indebtedness and in a daze re-evolution. While the only engine of job creation conditions that foster long term economic success like a balanced budget, Lowering and a simplified flat tax system sits in idle waiting for an additional political cycle to begin.

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