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top 10 black friday deals

top 10 black friday deals


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    Dow tries to get over 300 Without doubt and.

    It's Friday October 10 the financial markets are opening new York and our big number 335. Due to the fact that. How much the Dow plunge yesteryear the chief drop of the the steepest one day slide since June of 2013. The big real question for you is can Wall Street recover on this Friday. Well when I'm down Cutler in New York to hear the details on what are you best black friday deals for 2015 doing this roller coaster week highs lows on Wall Street is the street dot com's Jack Moore Jack Good Friday morning Is you know yes there were talking about Wall Street's big rally Wednesday night 275 point gain and then yesterday what are you doing. And it's fear and then it's it's a battleground black friday sales online 2015 right now that help its sphere tv sales black friday 2015 of global slowdown vs hoped for stimulus and and went out recently simply so. Then yesterday that how does that explain should you have that much of a difference. The top market that system whoever speaks last wins and and it's just reacting to the latest headline and and Yasser Wednesday everyone was positive view of the fad and that the market surged and then yesterday you had you know coupled data points but nothing striking. And the market just contracted so that's where the fear vs hope its. It is emerging a sensitive market with a battlefield mentality is there any particular industry that's in the lead in all of this volatility. Man there's it's my feeling discipline that's totally. Me for doing this black friday 2015 online shopping but. Did look at a handful of the US companies that focus that sell just in the US are doing well and that's since these. Are not immune but but really the concerns revolve around Europe's slowdown so exposure to Europe is going to really crushing in fx trading but if you have. Pure. Just isolated US exposure you're doing realistically so it's not really injured industry specific it's more of where it's selling energy stocks where they. It isn't succeeding. It's its oil was so while I mean we we i i never thought we'd be talking this year about 84 dollar oil prices It's it's very simple that it's it's not even economic for some of the drillers to drill right now and if it stays down here They won't be able to its we got a lot of supply in the US. We don't have a lot of demand world in general so that's you are aware of and obviously reflected in the price the we'll fill up now. So less i must ask you that as were heading into. The holiday shopping season with this particular volatility what does that do that for retailers. Well personally I'm actually a bit more bullish on the retailers now specially the ones that. Are in the states also, Since low gas prices discount prices at the pump help.

    There there's more cash in the consumers' pockets so. I have some cautious optimism but it'll glimmer be you know a story that will followed closely we'll certainly be doing as well Jack more that contract thank you so much have a Good Friday. Much the strong but subtle number and Dan Butler This records has been certainly generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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