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    Dream Of Market Killing gets problem Of Narrow Ties And Wide Margins Dream Of Market Killing thanksgiving day deals 2015 gets Nightmare Of Narrow Ties And Wide MarginsCOMMENTARY Tardy 12, 1987By mike WELLER, Staff blogger A stock game crash is a thing.

    You get one big splat and its actually over. The thump thump thumping of a stock market being dribbled all over Wall Street by nickel and dime profit takers thanksgiving day sales 2015 is another. I accepted the destruction of the empire I carefully built during six long minutes. So what if all those gruelling seconds spent studying investment technology were a total waste? Inside the big guys panicked and let the air out of my one stock profile I took it like a little soldier. I didnt sell each and every like so many chicken hearted multi the big doggs did. It didnt take some time me that brian Trump, The person who built smug, Was bragging that he sold all of his stocks before the housing market swooned. So that is amazing T. Bone Fixins and personal other take over kings came out smelling like fresh money. I still had 60 as well as cent of my fortune. Made from luck, I suspected, I would live long enough to see it build slowly back to the position it would have been if Id put it in the bank and let it sit there collecting interest for three days. I didnt care that Id been completely maxed by, And so forth, A many fuzzy cheeked, Terminally overly enthusiastic, Smart aleck business majors from Harvard who didnt acknowledge or know what goes up on Wall Street sometimes comes tumbling down. It didnt matter that all the ugly scenario was choreographed by mindless laptop systems with automatic fright buttons, At thelizabeth-Executioners that couldnt care less about my having a little mad money in doing my golden years. When the customer industry was falling apart I tried to be as brave as Sam Wal Mart. He delivered Waltons Mountain, That a wide mound of $1,000 cent expenditure, Counted his money and discovered regarding green billion bucks were missing. He shrugged rid of it. Shrugging comes easier when there is still $7 million left in the pile, But you held to admire Sams easy come, Easy go thought patterns. For even more strength there was President Reagan. For the leader in chief can pause on the steps of the No. 11 A helicopter, The express that runs within the White House rose garden and Camp David, And holler services, Me work it? Fear screws up. With that kind of ruling, Handling the crash was don't worry about it. Its outcome that is irking me. Everytime the market gains a point there is a comment from miami that the crisis is over, That the bulls are recurring to beat the lard out of your bears. Perhaps it is, Actually the time I kick back and wait for my investment to soar, The net gain takers pounce and everything plummets 80 points. Every output may take one Black Monday or Black Friday. But nobody should demand a long string of Dingy Grey Tuesdays, Dishwater fridays and Dirty crazy Thursdays. If the markets yo yo pattern was an act of God some thing caused by the smoke from nj-new jersey, I could go and the constant pros sale black friday and cons. But I keep having these awful visions. In concoction. Ivan Boesky is firing Silkworm missiles right the way through my 12 shares of stock. While Ivan is assessing the windage for his next shot, I see all those three piece suits who contributed so much to the panic black deals friday right from the start furtively scheming to get rich off the wreckage.

    Then theres the vision where Smith Barney is earning the old-Fabricated way by selling my raggedy, Increased 12 shares as bird cage wood. Scene 3 is stark dedicated assault. Im rank there minding my own company when a dozen flunkies from PaineWebber club me into unconsciousness with tennis racquets and give all my money to Jimmy Connors.

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