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    Disabled pensioner is banned making use of Sainsbury's home delivery service 'for calling their driver a coloured gentleman' Marian Burke, 73, As because of Highgate, North gatwick, Says she used the term entirely innocently black friday womens shoes to refer to a 'lovely' deliverymanHowever Sainsbury's says she has used racist language on three separate occasions and has become frozen from using short Mrs Burke, Who has weak bones Weak bones come down with Marian Burke, 73, Claims she will now be frozen from using the Sainsbury's home delivery service after describing one of their drivers as a 'coloured gentleman' Last night the grocery store insisted the ban was justified and accused Mrs Burke of using a 'racial slur' on three separate occasions while being aggressive towards staff. But freedom device bound Mrs Burke, And also require a Kenyan carer, Strenuously denied the charge and said Sainsbury's should be shy with its actions. Mrs Burke, Who is afflicted with osteoporosis and cannot go out, Says she is totally reliant on the delivery service for her 80 weekly shop. Being not really experienced with computers means online delivery is not an option, So the past ten years she has phoned the supermarket with her grocery list of food and household goods. After a string of mistakes in recent weeks with supply arriving without several ordinary stuff, She the shop to tell them of their error. She commemorated: 'When the manager asked me the delivery driver was, I had to acknowledge that I didn't know. I so you can him, "I am not sure his name, But he was a lovely hued guy, Your daughter persisted: 'Then all hell broke overtly. The man instead end of the phone called me a racist, And said on many occasions they'd not again take an order from me.And thanksgiving sale ads also Last night a Sainsbury's spokesman claimed you're free to send ban came after Mrs Burke had been 'aggressive' and used 'racial slurs'. He was quoted saying: 'Mrs Burke's version of events does not reflect our experience of her. She was not solely banned for the call time word 'coloured' but for a selection of racial slurs on three separate occasions, Used in a hostile manner against our friends. 'As you would expect we don't take a step Like this lightly but have a duty of care defend our acquaintances From racial and abusive language and any form of out and out lack of control, But Mrs Burke denied the firm's type of events, Just saying glad i found it: 'That's trustworthy lies. How dare these firms call me a racial? They have to be ashamed.-- Yesterday morning one of Mrs Burke's two carers said: 'I heard the traditional. She were not rude and she is not racist at all.Actually The Sainsbury's telephone ordering service which is not offered by her other local super markets had previously been a lifeline for Mrs Burke, Who is sonata recall and lacks children. She says she wept after the staff member's outburst recently and is now determined by a friend who lives nearby for her shopping needs. She reported: 'There's not a offending bone in online shopping for black friday my figure. What's wrong with looking someone as coloured? It's money correctness gone mad.Since The listing is of course admin, Who sport in Highgate, Upper hackney, Was reliant on her weekly delivery from the nearby Finchley Road branch which processed her order from a call centre although not always correctly.

    'They were always negelecting components, And it's so hard for me to rule out,' thought Mrs Burke. 'Also, The offers costs me nearly 10, So i felt like I wasn't using the service I deserved.-- She came: 'As a dependable buyer, I had had too hard, So I rang my local store, Among the shout at them or money, But because I wanted to tell them that I'm very frail and if they are able to try to reconsider everything I order, I'd be very black friday tech deals absolved.

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