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    Dashcam video shows Jason Van Dyke pushing Laquan McDonald before blasting New dashcam video shows SUV driving cop going after fleeing Laquan seconds before he shot him 16 times as Obama says he's 'disturbed' by the killing and Chicago is rocked by protests again New dashcam footage shows Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke chasing Laquan McDonald prior to a fatal shootingVideo from Van Dyke's police car shows McDonald running through a jack in the box parking lotMcDonald, 17, Seems like it's carrying a small knife 30 seconds later he was shot dead by Van DykePresident Obama said he was 'deeply disturbed' by the video, While applauding the 'peacefulprotests' in ChicagoVan Dyke is being held in protective custody in a medical facility in Cook local jail segregated from other inmatesIt has emerged that Van Dyke was thanksgiving day sale ads foreclosures 18 civilian complaints over 14 years, An very lot.

    A smaller amount than one of thosecomplainantswas later awarded $350k in a lawsuitIn the weeks before his death, McDonald had signed up for option school and was trying to turn his life aroundHe grew up without a father and spent his childhood andadolescencebeing bounced around between foster families and variousrelatives, Court public record information show By The footage is taken from the white officer's police car as he pulled through a jack in the box parking area and McDonald, 17, Bounded out in front of him prior to running in the black friday deals on laptops future. It appears he is carrying a knife in his hand back then. It has also emerged that Van Dyke was the main topic of 18 civilian reproaches over 14 years, Including allegations that he used racial epithets and excessive force, Police and court public information show. Reproaches against police are quite normal. But quantity of filed against Van Dyke was high vary other officers. Perhaps someone he arrested was later awarded $350,000 in damages able to. Footage from another dashcam that was also obtained by ABC 7shows McDonald down center of the road and struggling to stay alive after being shot as paramedics arrive on the scene. None of the officers are near the body it had been or seeking to help the young man. Sustain, It has reported that in fact weeks before his death, McDonald, Who had a rough childhood spent being bounced around between foster families and various spouse and children members, Had been daily life turn his life around. Court public record information obtained by the Chicago Tribune indicate that McDonald's father left the family when he was a baby and played no role in his life. When he was 3 years old, The Illinois Department of little ones and Family Services took Laquan into protective custody after his mother was accused of neglecting him. After two months placed into foster care, Laquan went to live with a person in family before he was finally returned into his mother's home in 2002. However reunion proved brief, As he was back in foster like a year later after his single parent's boyfriend beat him, Collections state. From a 2003, Laquan was paced in the concern of his great nanna, Who finally assumed the role of his legal mom or dad. While the woman kicked the bucket in 2013, Laquan went to try an uncle. As a youngster, McDonald was arrested pretty times and spent four months in teen detention in early 2014. If so last sept, A month before he was shot to death 16 times by legal issues, Laquan subscribed to Sullivan House Alternative School. Ashley Beverly, One of his machines, Told the Chicago Tribune recording that Laquan loved being at black friday slippers the college, Was very engaged and would express in class early. 'He was forming really good bonds with numerous the teachers in the class,' Beverly deemed to be that. The teacher also thought of that Laquan enjoyed dancing and rapping, And is a funny kid. On saturday, Small teams of demonstrators latched onto sale black friday the streets of Chicago to protest the death of McDonald, And they urged supporters to join them in trying to shut down Chicago's famous Michigan Avenue shopping district during the Black Friday shopping bonanza. The group held banners showing photos of other black people fatally shot by police in Chicago and anywhere else.

    Several protesters said the pair were parents of black men killed by Chicago authorities. 'You cannot kill our little ones and expect us to stop barking any longer,' protester Quovadis blue mentioned. 'It is without question dcould bepleasing, Chicago police say that four individuals were arrested overnight, Including three local residents charged with misdemeanor counts of resisting law enforcement officers and one woman from Cedar Lake, Living while in just, Who was arrested for a misdemeanor of injury to public property.

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