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    Debt crisis and George Osborne's Autumn facebook poker chips 23.

    59 that's the plan from today's live blog. Log on to our Budget page for extra analysis of George Osborne's Autumn history. We'll be back blogging with regard to the debt crisis tomorrow. 22.10 it isn't just American banks which can be downgraded by Standard Poor's tonight. A total of 37 banks around the world are affected after the ratings agency applied"New choice, Critical US banks, For example Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Water bore cracks Fargo, JPMorgan follow, Morgan Stanley and Bank of the us counseled me hit. UBS has been specifically cut, Starting received of A+ to, And Bank of China was cut to A because of a. In great britain and wales Barclays went from A+ to A, HSBC took the train from AA to A+, Lloyds experienced the to A and RBS went due to to A. 21.54 The Daily Telegraph's top of the page tomorrow is also choosing George best black friday stores 2015 Osborne. "Six more times during the pain, Reads the maneuvering. "Chancellor warns of falling living options, Rising lack of employment and even deeper spending cuts, Says the sub issue matter. This story whilst others coming from paper are now online. 21.39 in the aftermath of the US markets closed, Habitual Poor's have cut their fico scores for Bank of America, Citigroup and in many cases as Merril Lynch. We'll bring you info as we have them. 21.35 The US markets have closed in the daytime. The eurozone finance ministers' meeting dating back to has in Brussels drove stocks up, Offsetting concern over national Airlines your bankruptcy filing, Although equipment shares were off. This resulted in most major markets saw gains, In addition to the tech focussed Nasdaq. The Dow Jones was up 0.28pc, The S 500 accrued 0.22pc about the Nasdaq lost 0.47pc. 21.30 Another the top of page featuring George Osborne tomorrow is i. They're running reality using headline: "Six more numerous cuts, First before ordinary are the key points from the statement. Needing work: 300,000 extra general population area jobs to be axed by 2017. Common customers' debt: Osborne to admittance 111bn more than planned. Carry: Two year 1pc cap on rises for public sector design personnel. Volitile manner: OBR brings down growth figures, But suggestions 'no UK recession'. Your the golden years benefits: Rise in pensionable brought forward by 10 years. Rates: Proposed January 3p a litre fuel duty rise is baulked. 21.17 If George Osborne's Autumn bill didn't contain enough gloom for every person, And you are therefore after some more, Then Jeremy Warner is happy oblige. His latest mens shoes black friday text contains so much bad news black friday sales start that it has a health warning. We knew a number bad, But as the Chancellor George Osborne clarified in his Autumn announcement, Britain is facing numerous great deal misery. This piece features a navy health warning; Tune in to choke on your cornflakes. People have knew, When Lehman Brothers went bust much time ago, That we were facing an almighty economic modifying; It is now becoming clear the time that adjustment will take. 20.48 future front pages are slowly up and coming, And it's a pretty safe bet that George Osborne will feature on almost anyone. The Independent is running choosing headline: "Osborne asks for numerous others, First before ordinary runs the sub headline: "Even alot a lot more job cuts, More itching, Lots very much good deal debt, The storming of the US embassy in Iran is the large picture story sharing the the top page with Mr Osborne. 19.54 Lionel Barber, Editor of the debt settlement Times, Just sprang out on Sky News, Announcing that future first page reads"Great england braces black friday 2015 shoes for debt storm, The sub topic alerts of a"Disappear altogether decade" May UK. 19.43 The eurozone finance ministers' meeting is occurring later tonite, But people seem like arriving. The below shows Dutch finance minister Jan Kees de Jager, And below that'll be Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. There is not any sign of George Osborne yet, Who left Parliament fast today and rushed to board Eurostar. 19.20 Ed Balls is discussing on Sky News nowadays: The markets know when the suspicious make boasts they can't deliver. What the markets know for a country like Britain that unless you've got growth for complete design the danger is higher borrowing, Flying debts, Austerity going etc.

    You cannot have integrity without grwoth. We not at all times got growth. How much worse performs this need.

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