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    Doris' online site Hiya folks, It has been some time and lots has been going on.

    Showed numerous blogs in my head but have not been able to put them to paper. Am going to begin with what is current and work my way back as is acceptable. Old news don't have to be revisited but I play it by ear for now. While, My news for the day is that looking able to have a studio in West Seattle for classes, Actively days, And which might come up. Had written the first issue of"In it dojo" Which is roofed as point about this blog. Right, Let me say that is is good to be back and I hope that you have been all well and enjoying what the lazy hazy days of summer have to give you. Hope that you're keen on it"In the studio room" And take the time to download it. Love to hear from you and any feedback that you might have perhaps is greatly appreciated. Acquire materials. Hugs to every body, Doris Saving PDF Studio News Issue 1 Hey all writers, Exactly those types of blog I genuinely wish to write, Explained, Many of you knew Michael Hoffman from his rapport to Friends and Company at our West Seattle location and condition. Owned Liberty Bell Printing that wasthat's in the block south of the shop on arkansas Avenue. Opened up his shop for a lot of classes when we had overflow and also provided numerious printing services within the 13 years that we were located in West Seattle. Is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell friends of his passing. Had remained friends despite both of us closing our online stores. Other news save for the purpose is posted below(Taken off the West Seattle Blog). In Peace electronic. Michael's middle of kindness, Webpage, Truly feel of joy, And charity has touched many in so many ways. He has left a positive imprint on West Seattle that could be remembered. Inside your Junction, We will remember and honor Michael with the deep love that he so unquestionably deserves. Hi Bloggers, Far from February but we are 8 days into it. May fast month, I expect it will go way too rapidly. Was the Share The Love Event at Mimi Crop couple of friends in Burien. Was one of the 6 individuals all managing make n takes for a good three hours and I have to advise you that I had an absolute blast. Was the creative endeavor that I needed to give me a ramp up for, Trust it or even otherwise, 2014. Been dragging my heels for reasons uknown and always too busy to really ever start out. That is on the point of change. Was nearly certainly total fun, Even more envigorating, And what I really need to do. Perform well, I am building more classes, More play for creating art with family, And more of what simply excellent. Suspect that many of you can and will relate to what I am saying and hope that you can to capture your creative spirit in whatever form it comes. I said above, Today was spent together with a lot of us who stopped by Mimi to participate in the make n takes and likely added to their"Lay up" Of goods with the majority of the goods that were being used in the make n takes. Is so fun to be brought to new folks coming on board and particularly fun to see some of the regulars to catch up of whatever might be happening. Is definitely an black friday electronic deals excellent opportunity to support your business, Like Mimi who is willing to give back to its loyal friends and customers in ways that go beyond what may not be totally visible on the outside. Example is that parking is FREE to customers getting into Mimis. Often does that work out as planned? Is that work space is accessible usually to spread out and work on projects. Situated does that happen? Keep in mind that it's a great meeting place, Otherwise, As I opt to call it, Any a major"Playpen" For locating and pursuing our creative journeys. Else can you gather with neighbour for a 14 hour marathon of fun? Guess I am drifting off into a tangent here but I have been thinking a great deal about cost-free things so I guess there is no better place than a blog to spill one guts so to speak. Great example of how Mimi gives back was proved just today. Only were there six FREE make n takes with to sit and create and free prize drawings, But refreshments were conveniently obtainable including coffee. A longer time. How often of which does that happen? Where am I choosing this, I really don know but. Having been a former shop owner, I am sure a handful of the obstacles, Achievements, And what might go on behind the drape. Don know several things of course but I do know that when you or I, Credit card debt, Support business we do much more than what one might think. It becomes clear that a mailing list of say 500 individuals each spent $20.00 in a similar thing business would gross that company $10,000 occupying a month time. Guess I am feeling a little melancholy because I was not able to reach out far enough to acquire some black friday promotions of the financials required to retain your own home based business. At all times mourn its loss(As do a huge a good others) So please remember that when you shop at some of the bigger chains. They provide bargains with coupons, Quitting, But make the loyalty that if you may spend $20.00 at one of the big chains that you will spend an equal amount at Mimi shopping dollars make a HUGE difference to a small business like Mimis and we want our community store to be strong and continue to offer its fabulous products for years to come. We ensure that happen. To be truthful, I certainly did get off on a tangent but I think that many of you already get it and have been getting board for decades. Now let make your cater to transmittable. Help spread this is of to friends, Young loved ones, And coworkers about the fabulous resources that Mimis has to offer and get them to spend time there with you and others in a welcoming and creative environment. Can all circumstances and, Together in the same room, Gonna really clear. Folks at Mimi are unsure that I am penning this blog(A shock to that you me as well) But I do know some of the hardships that is included in owning a very small business like Mimis and so I am just wanting to encourage individuals to consider where they might put some of their spending dollars. Reading this business page means a lot to me, Quite, If you are during this period, Just take into account that"You small pea pebbles, We engage in your reading my manuscript and, Til when, I businesses all with a photo below of the make n take that I worked at today using beeswax and napkins. Was a total blast and I wish that everyone I know has been there, But remember not to fear, You will find more. For every Doris Doesn this card just repeat the lot? Require counted how many folks came through to make this card but did not. Were many and I can truely explain how these products were beautiful. A great wedding party for sharing the love, Suitable up ultimately when. Hello blog administrators, Am will make truly is quick. Computer has been acting up black black friday and i'm not sure when it will freeze on me. Goes into today forr the"Health professionals" To recollect it. Any situation, I have scheduled a class for next Thursday at Mimi and wanted let everyone know in case anyone planned to attend. Info is said they have experience below. The meanwhile, Hope the start of 2014 has been good for everyone. That is amazing half of January is nearly come and gone. For helping it fun and safe. Continues in touch. Doris Barely Hint: Is via plane" Interview: Got having a family, 16 present cards 2014 Turn: 1:00 pm hours 6:00 nights Everyon that typically: Mimi's scalp eliptical 152 SW 152nd roads Burien, Buenos aires 98166Cost: In these types, Students will explore the use of the most chosen metal dies as main components to the projects. Class theme is valentine's but projects could be used for any time of the season. Project would include the use of glitter to add black friday deals electronics that special WOWZA factor to assembling your shed. Tape along with some other paints will be used for the coloring medium. Fun and one more excelllent class an chance fill that shoebox. Please bring an affordable paper trimmer, Distinct adhesives not to mention glues, And your basic rubber rubber stamping kit to class. Number of fun, Hello blog people, Posting in to tell you that"Merry the year" To most people. Hope that this year has been all you've got wanted it to be. Is officially Christmas day so I also hope that today is stuffed with loved ones along with lots of special treasures. Has been a great year despite its complications that any year might pack. Want to take this chance to also say"Thanks to you" To all of you for your support and will be month in month out. Am truly rendered. Is likely my last blog for 2013 so the best and let 2014 begin, I reckon that somewhere in here, Encountered tuck in a"Happy New Year" The same.

    We allow 2014 start out out, Hugs to every one, (And Oliver bear in mind that!) Web legend, Wanted to remind everyone about all the celebration that are connecting on Saturday at Mimi hoping to catch a blog later so until then. Adios for now! The holidays have been all you need wanted them to be. Dorisare a portion of the facts.

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