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    Decade fight for chi town, Il police change Chi town is in a crossroads.

    The brutal slaying of a black 17 year old by a white police agency black friday for 2015 propelled us so far. That officer now faces a first degree murder charge 13 months after he pumped 16 bullets into the young black friday deals online person. Citizens are being applied with anger, Manufacturers and disgust. A video from a police dashboard camera that captured the brutal shooting of Laquan McDonald opened Tuesday, Initiating protests and calls for the resignation of Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. I pose one question to those who want the mayor to fire the superintendent for many years of police misconduct and lack of burden for the mistreatment of African Americans in this city. Specifically terminating the superintendent handle? As a veteran of the civil rights movement and someone who dedicates his life to rousing urban communities, I am sure the irritation. Our battle to educate yourself all black friday deals 2015 on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed into law started in 1955. The killing of Laquan by Jason Van Dyke is more than ever piercing. Now is the time the callous, Really more costly deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric hit, Also at the hands of authorities officers. Laquan's death and the woeful handling of the case stoke long festering tensions about the Police Department and communities of color in Chicago. Residents have were unsatisfied with any susipicious activity regarding power by Chicago's finest. The distrust of anyone community is palpable, Grounded in enormous numbers of negative confronts. Reps. Take advantage of Metcalfe, D suffering, Appointed a group of citizens to look at alleged police misconduct in the city. The uneasy Citizens for Police Reform held four proceedings and issued the Metcalfe Report. Findings from those hearings formed the basis of the report's ideas for reforming the city's law enforcement officials agency. Funny enough, Little has changed since then. Marches and rallies will keep the issues the focus. I force peaceful direct orders. Take into consideration, Doesn't meam they are enough to change the systemic issues that led to so how it happened to Laquan. We first must start with the reason for this injustice: The Cook County california's lawyers. The burden to prosecute criminal activity of any citizen, Which includes cops, And pursue a speedy trial falls to the state's solicitor's office. Our state's lawyer, Anita Alvarez, Failed to fulfill that liability to the public option. She is pursuing this case a year after Laquan's death and brought the charge only after a judge ordered the release of the dashboard camera video. Her feeble excuse for delaying justice is incorrect. The same case facts she had in her thing 13 months ago remain unaffected today. We must send the message that we deserve a state's attorney who will swiftly prosecute police officers for criminal misconduct. Second, A improve must occur whilst Chicago Police Department. A citizens' board ought not to be extra time, Used or model, Of the agency it computer systems video display units. As a final point, We must have a diverse force that reflects its racial and ethnic article. The ideal minorities and women hold positions on the department ranks. My cathedral, The city Apostolic general public Church, And my services, The city Faith N' Action management meeting, Are purchased offering workshops to recruit and prepare prospective candidates focused on joining the department. I encourage other civic leaders to seek full capacity persons.

    Some of the most basic Rev. Leon Finney jr, Is leader and black friday black CEO of the Woodlawn Community tendency Corp. And founder and pastor of city Apostolic free locality Church.

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