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    Destiny and manufacturers WiiU lessen price I have just tried the new pro evo 15 demo and i have to admit I was very fulfilled.

    I was keen on the series back on psone and ps2, In fact it likely harmed my gaming habits because it was literally all I played for a long time. As all football game fans know everything had gone wrong within the last few generation. I only agreed to be so happy to feel the pes magic again. Chance from a few minor it is smooth, pacy, And action crammed. Playing the fifa demo too I had noticed Konami chose to strip away any features like pre match build up and commentary. That was very refreshing because it makes your core mindset is the single thing that is important, Which is the Mr Pinkerton suspect extra year in next gen community has given the edge to Pes ahead of Fifa? As usual GC achievable a great review, These days on Fifa 15. Although 7/10 is a nice score in my eyes it has swayed me NOT to buy the new Fifa 15. I down loaded the demo two weeks ago, And I know demo are not regularly as good as the finished product, And yet I resented it. I wasn effective why. But reading your review I found myself agreeing mostly if not completely that you said. I needed 14, Although I found everthing on that to be unacceptable, I could finish it. But I'm not ready pay another 50+ pounds to suffer the pain of another game update. I may buy it if it ever hits the bargain bins but I would guess by then Fifa 16 most likely out, And maybe that will improve and worthy of a higher score and better review and then my acquisition of it. More of your Destiny to be revealed I know you are going to mixed reviews of Destiny, And must say I agree with most points about story and content rules. But I employing a blast with it. Although as I just one games player amongst my guys, I finding hard to get a fire team together and get into higher-level content. Sympathetic on xbox 360 so any players give me a shout. As the name said, Now onto how I are aware of the table action panning out. Heard significant explain a sequel already, But I think this game will go through some serious expansion for at least the coming years, New game play modes combined with new moons to visit in the outer solar system around Jupiter and Saturn. And between blackfridaydeals new areas on existing worlds. I think before a sequel we may get our entire solar system and a next gen only sequel will visit the colonies. Of course with the nebulous nature of Bungie world building and story which I think is calculated, It can be expanded the slightest bit they want. I think this has been a clever move by both builder and writer. A rare thing right away. Of course it's only a cunning move if they'd like to present easy with their expansions, A mix of free and paid content will be good, With the free being more than new events to keep people most likely. It most likely a world changer currently but we have only seen the opening salvo in Bungie's bid for console domination. With the announcement of a price cut for the Xbox One and PS4 sales pulling ahead of steam do you guys think that it's imminent Nintendo take steps price wise relating to the Wii U? Most retail sites still have the bundle packages at around a similar price as early 2014 and whilst I believe there's been some notable improvement for the Wii U it's surely still sitting on a slippery slope. With the black friday nike 2015 imminent release of new games this might be a great chance for Big N to make a comeback of sorts this gen. I check out the letter from Karl S on Monday about noisy Xbox ones. I received my new Xbox one two weeks ago and at once noticed a noise which sounded like a computer going nuts. When I flipped it to standby it become a buzzing type sound and was very annoying. After reading up live for the about many people having this issue and your same issue with replacement consoles, I contacted Microsoft directly for an upgraded which arrived about not much later. Their work is pre auth an amount against credit rating or debit card, Send you an aftermarket Xbox as well as to return the faulty Xbox within 14 days or they will charge you the full amount. This suited me as the Xbox worked OK and only endorsed be a little noisy, And meant I wouldn n't have one. The choice Xbox does not make a noise. I contacted Microsoft directly as I believed this was the only way I would get a better that would not have similar issue, As retailers how to start as they just sell them on. So if anyone is proudly owning issue, You intend to contact Microsoft directly. While, I previously written in twice about how I was planning to buy a new gen console just for Destiny, For black friday deals on thursday this reason(Among my word) I for a done it, Thank you for a fabulous offer on Tesco(329 for space and game wow!). So my thought process so far, Now that we're level 21 really good. Yes it is a bit copied, But unexpectedly it so much fun that I not minding at all so far. The game really only comes alive when having fun with people you're friends with. The way I see it is this most FPS games I played the retailer's campaign once, Before selling it to the multiplayer and doing that until it sucked everything out of me. In accomplishment, Due to bounties fundamentally, My friend and I will normal swap between patrols, Affects and crucible matches in a visit. And we merely touched the raids yet! I can see why concern criticised Destiny but so far I discovering it great fun and supremely polished, And can see me playing for decades. Any GCers on Xbox One please add me currently level 21 as i said, So around that much cla of cla would be ideal. From first user to Hyrule via fumbling Seeing PizzaPirate85/babymachine 5 letter I couldn agree more with him about corporations first person shooters. I played the first couple of sales on black friday 2015 Call of Duties which were good but then it was likewise each year and I think it just the fans that would notice any slight dissimilarity.

    For example I been playing the WWE games since 2008 and when showing them to a friend each year who a Fifa fan he like changed since the last time in addition to the roster. Somewhat I had to agree with him that the games are very similar but tried interesting things each year(Individuality Era, ( blank ) to Wrestlemania, Disturbs etc.).

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