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    Space 007 Abide by these steps to start! Conclude your user name.

    For the level of safety and comfort of you and/or your sailor, No last names are made way for, Even assuming last name differs. Please do black friday not include your email contact information in your user name. Sign up for"Houses" Above align your login. Jump in and propose ones self! Acquiring buddies that can last ages. Obtain these Navy Social Links. Permalink work by sjs1221(Lining 12 Div 007) To december 1, 2011 would most likely 10:37pm Tlh_3119 I'mdriving via your might area, Going arrive mondy evening(Develop eventually for the Meet Greet), And leaving mondy or Sunday morning. My daughter is going next door for A school so i will stay as long as possible(Everyone vacationing w/ me has school or work our next Monday). If your SR is going someplace in addition to Great Lakes for A school, S/he will be taken to manchester foreign on Friday around 2 am and you can wait at edinburgh airport w/ him/her until their flight leaves. We should have most of thanksgiving holiday holiday Day to spend w/ our new Sailors, Do you've got plans for Thanksgiving Day? Lot of groups, Having lived at Navy Lodge, Intend a largeThanksgiving Daydinner together towards saving on costs and travel. She is de facto wanting some fresh air and a break from the rigors which commonly mean a nice big, Shared meal and chillin' at the Lodge or a meal out a place and just seeing some are more sights on Thursday. I sent her a customer survey with a return/stamped envelop asking her to pinpoint what exactly she thinks she'd like to do so we all can make solid plans. I'd hate to order more dinners than we need or not sufficient. Ultimately, Friday we'll what stores have black friday sales online have a good count and finalize our T day dinner plans. Positively we can all hook up at the Meet and Greet Tuesday night. New york state facebook US Navy Recruit Training Command site told me that all Sailors not staying for A School at GLs will be departing on Friday. I am think, At the present time, Those Sailors will leave for edinburgh airport(Almost or OHare) At customarily 2am and wait at the USO until their flight leaves. I heard we members of your family may wait with them and escort them to the gate but must be together with our Sailor as is, Knowledge to meet us at the gate or entry to the USO as we can't just wander the airport without one. My concern is black friday amazon actually my room is at the Navy Lodge. I'll want to go to edinburgh airport with my daughter but do I take a risk and drive aaaaaaaaallllllllll the way back UP to GL to retrieve my stuff and drive aaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll the way back in Friday traffic to get to edinburgh airport before my flight? Not again. Guess no sleep on on another day. I may just go look at at the wee hours of Friday morning and hang out in south Chicago until prepared fly out OR see if SW can bump me up a flight or two. It is crap capture. I do not think they will leave prior normal. My conjecture, From pretty legit info is that we'll get 2ish days of liberty with them those staying on may get more liberty but those moving on probably will leave Friday. Permalink rsvp by Jenn(Happy AO Mom) On think about national 9, 2011 inside 1:38pm I'm right almost you. Nothing good black friday sales in my SR's room has been touched and I was told not to do what's necessary with them. He did finish his laundry before he left but I still should decontaminate his sheets. I don't know if it was his way of coping. Before he left for bc he would discourse when he is back home.

    I know that after he gets to A school he will want stuff but I have no idea what. I don't mind keeping his room as a shrine for now but eventually I'm should retain some direction on what he wants finished his things. I need to admit I still go in there every once in awhile and just sit in there.

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