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    Don't just blame the cold winter months February is getting to be a bitterly cold month, With planet black friday buy online set to drop as low as 10c in some parts of the UK. But folks who wants seem to get warm despite piling on the layers and if no one else around you feels as cold it may not just be weather that's to blame. Instead to feel cold when we're over tired, Says tutor Russell create, A neuroscientist and director of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience company at the or even of Oxford. Though the exact reason isn't clear, It's known that being sleep deprived raises stress levels the body's bodily human testosterone such as cortisol. Awfully common to feel cold when we're over tired, Says neuroscience Professor Russell Fosterof the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the or simply of Oxford 'When continually, Our systems does respond as if it's under attack, And blood is diverted to where 2016 black friday deals it is most needed difficulty organs,' says tutor create. 'This is the reason why it's recinded from where it's less important, Such as in the extremities and tips for sites of skin.-- A defieicency of the circulation of blood makes the skin cooler, Which in turn, Back to back, Encourages cold receptors in the skin, Managing to cause us to be feel cold. Interruption to your body clock may be to blame. Our body's temperature naturally drops in readiness for sleep, So if we stay awake longer than we must always, Then we may well feel cold all over, He brackets. YOUR habitat GAUGE IS FAULTY Feeling of cold upon body could be a sign of an underactive thyroid. Strategy plans, Affecting around one in 50 also one in 1,000 men of all ages, Is where the thyroid in the front of the neck does not produce enough thyroxine, A hormone needed to manage all of the body's functions, Such as digestion of food, Metabolic process and body's temperature. 'A reduced energy means that the body is less able to earn heat,' is runs Dr Mark Vanderpump, A associate endocrinologist at The doctors Clinic in London. A feeling of cold all around the body could be a sign of an underactive thyroid. Treatment plans affects around one in 50 as well as one in 1,000 an individual The problem can also disrupt the function of the hypothalamus gland, Fault the brain that regulates temperature, Which can also cause a feeling of cold. Other provide tiredness, Buff cramping, Dry and scaly skin and drained hair and nails. Treatment usually involves daily tablets to switch the thyroxine hormone. A good chunk SUGAR your own diet BLOOD Cold hands and xbox black friday feet especially if they feel tingly or numb may be caused by diabetes, Which is characterised by blood sugar levels that are too high. A expected 600,000 Britons are what is recognized as silent diabetics, Unaware they have the condition because key symptoms such as tiredness or needing the loo frequently can be put down to something diffrent entirely. Almost all of the an issue with type 2 diabetes, The form related to obesity, When the onset of symptoms can be slower and less obvious black friday sales for 2015 compared to type 1.

    Cold hands and feet especially if they feel tingly or numb may be caused by diabetes, Which is characterised by blood blood sugar that are too high 'Undiagnosed and untreated diabetes can cause side-line neuropathy, Where small blood vessels that supply the nerves in the hands or feet are damaged by high blood blood glucose levels,' boasts Dr Dushyant Sharma, A company advisor diabetologist at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. The lack of blood can make the hands and feet feel cold and numb. 'It generally starts in the feet, As this is the most distant part of against the heart, So may be damaged first by lack of distributing blood.

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