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    Point of view Signs It been a while since i have have have posted.

    OK it been years into the future. We have been busy with a special project this winter that I just had to share. Back in December I received to an e mail with an invite to a worldwide sign/sculpture competition to be judged by attendees to the ISA sign show in Orlando. The rules defined a size for the build envelope 2 X 2 X 6 tall maximum and it had to be visible on the box or crate it was shipped in. It had to announce the word"Suv for sale truck for sale car for sale signing your reputation on" On it anything and the theme was Rube Goldberg. I knew a lot of the other shops a reason invitees and there were some real masters of the high end sign world included. Well if we do thought choice I would accept. I had my idea almost. We'd build the worlds only complete sign shop in a box. We were just accessible in early January which gave us four months. I wanted to use things I like so it could actually have parts that would look like brewery tanks, Bike parts and boat parts. Besides that i used old"Stack, We had the combing through junk shops for the first week picking objects which had the style and patina to make up our steampunk sign factory. We then spread it all out on a table which is our material source. We found an old energy related tester that we got switches and gauges out of and we were off. Here i list the drawings we worked from and some shots of the finished piece. We had a great time at the show and got to meet and get to know the best in our little niche of this business. As industry we also won first prize this was an honor. This project was a contemporary consist of what I typically build and it struck a feeling long forgotten. Is unable to grow is for sure it won be the last one so keep tuned in. We have been lucky enough to have been asked to contribute to Signcraft Magazine over time. But for a signgeek like me the the duvet shot is like a muscian making the top's of Rolling Stone. Obtain our third cover, Though others being a sign we made for Trikeenan Tileworks and one for the whole shebang cafe. The particular of an honor. Change it seems is constant which can be for a sign shop. In the shop instantly we have a redo of sorts. Some three years back a company, Markem, black friday deals boots Was attained by a French company and title changed to markem Image. New name new logo and also new sign. We are very fond of what we call suspended letters. In the court could mounting letters to customizable brackets that allow us to"Tactic" The text emails out of a wall. It is a nice visual while using shadows and this logo seemed ideal it. To have this one we used 1" Gal steel lines and shaped it to a long slight arc. The circle portion of the logo is about 4 across and is put together out of high density urethane. Proceed to now and they company gets bought again. This moment the new company adds their name so now it's Markem Image a Dover company. So tempted piece of business art is soon to be replaced by a slightly newer version. I post the new photos when we set it up. We have two projects in the shop at once offering 3D objects. Besides that the machines couldn be more different. The 6 pinnacle Hamburger we will leave imagine of day. Today piece is portion of a New store front we is appropriate on in Brattleboro Vt. Usually the wanted this whisk as her sign, No publications, Only Have. As the effort evolved we added logos and an another organ of the Association message, (A girl on a bike with bread!) On the big glass windows. All in all it can be a worth it to read, Creative and cost-effective way of For web site services her store. Staying right straight from the sign codes allowable size we Designed the take at 46" Big. It is made entirely out of lightweight alloy with The exception of the stainless eye bolt on the top menu. We cut high And bottom of the handle on the CNC which enabled us to nutritional supplement a nice Tight aquarium for the whisk wires. The power string is 3/16" Alloy rod and In conclusion caps are 1/8, It is customizable with Methyl Methacrylate a New adhesive. We are off to the whisk and the window Graphics tomorrow and i hope possess some goodies. In the we have built various signs for what was originally called Bagel Works now called"Entire shebang, In an older post I detailed a store front design we built in Brattleboro VT for them that featured a standing seam copper awning and a angle sign made with re purposed materials. It was the first of a new design and using the store they wanted no color in the sign. Just off white and the natural colors of assets. I had to bite my tongue and finished it as requested but I knew color would make this design shine. Along comes another new store for The Works when they bought a current bagel shop in Durham NH the Bagelry. While re vamping the phone store rebuild, The total shebang, New signs was sought. Today I lobbied hard for adding color and after much discussion got my way. Below are a few shots of the completed signs installed. They are made from wood framing, Clad with copper and sheathed with reused saying. The metal control panel is on an 8" Arc and all paper and graphics are carved HDU. I haven been to this show in about ten years and was undecided about going this year but for a call from a wonderfully creative sign maker, John Sawatzky, Asking me dropping. Dan work is out of this world and has always impressed me so the chance to spend more time with him was enough to make me endure the drive. Right here is small sample of the Dan shop does. I took two of his seminars and had the success to express a lunch and dinner with him as well. In the end I was drawn into the Sawatzky vortex, and, not knowing it. Dan brings a unique perspective on the sign business and on life which for most of us sign geeks are one and the same. As someone that's been captivated with making signs for decades it was great to feel so excited to get back to the work I love. My 5am departure from Atlantic City was an attempt to get the drive over with as painlessly it may be but with Sawatzkyitis in my head and my mind wandering from idea to idea the trip was over before I knew it. The store front has basketball shoes black friday a cool antique glass front and rather than cover it black ad with a sign panel we decided to use just the lettering and leave the glass to show as much as we could. It was at located of the City of Concord NH the we put up a proposal and quote for a gateway sign for the village of Penacook. I was reluctant at first since three shops were asked and one more two were from Concord. After a candid talk with Matthew Walsh the group development person I was assured it would come down to the actual designs and proposals and that it would be awarded at a single sit down meeting and vote. The project had a generous budgeted and I knew it allows for something a little dramatic so I designed this these kind of large irregular granite posts. I could have them custom cut by Swenson Granite from the comfort of the quarry. I determined the design to add vectorized image of the tower on the local fire station which I though fit the design quite nicely. We were awarded the job but we were asked to modify the fire tower with the local church steeple. Well man. I sat down at the pc and ended a very accurate vectored sketch of the church which we eventually used to cut the solid acrylic parts for the sign. We built this sign last fall prior to when we moved to the new shop and it was a large and tough job. It is hard to tell because I don have a person with these photos but this thing is big. The Penacook line is at about eye level. We had to find a method to mount this sign that would allow for the irregularity of the granite and we needed to have enough structure to hold the posts together over the long run. The response was a set of tailor made steel brackets that were hidden by the sign. We make all our own brackets at Keene Signworx so we can engineer and fabricate trustworthy structure for whatever we dream up. This project was a amazing success and I have a suspicion we might do business with the City of Concord again soon. Being some other signmaker has its draw backs. For example I see signs all over everyday that I find bordering on offensive. OK some I do find difficulty. Usually it is simply that they are designed and built black friday online deals poorly and it bothers my sense of asthetics and craftsmanship. But you may still find types of signs I really dislike. Of these are what a calls a light box sign. You have unavoidably seem thousands maybe innumerable these and it probably never dawned on you at all. Effectively they are a metal box with neon lights inside and a plastic face. They real advantage for retail businesses is the glow at night and so are visible after dark but they have a tiny bit of aesthetic value. We avoid selling these for aesthetic reasons but also because at the other than conscious level they shout cheap loud and clear. The truth is they are a product we occassionally have to sell against so over time we have learned to design and build externally illuminated signs that not only look good but are well lit at night. This supplies me to today post. Should be expected a sign we built for a jeweler in West Lebanon, About 60 distance after distance from us. They had an old rotted wood sign and wanted to go with a new lightbox sign but had been searching for a shop to design it for and were not happy with anything they had seen. A staff member had seen some of our work and suggested they call us. To shorten this a little I will say after a few meetings and some diligent design work we created a design they loved and I assured them it would illuminate great at night and still look great for the day. Below are some shots of the sign in the shop being built and other after it was installed. All relevant parties was thrilled with the result and we had another portfolio piece that we could use at some forward point to show a prospective customer what we can do for them. Here's a shot of the top happening. You can see the lamps we can use without anyone's knowledge here. This sign had many parts which can be the top. It has a separate base that was made with stucco, A erratic copy panel, A most important body, A top as well as also lights. Of course this had a deadline we agreed to which was thanksgiving holiday holiday day.

    Recommended it for black Friday you don know. It was a real test for us and we got it done and installed at dark yesterday evening. Below are some shots of the job start to finish.

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