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    Defense Meteorological satellite television for pc direct tv Program DMSP Brief information of valuable systemsI expect lots of Radiation Old Timers were as surprised as I was to finally learn details of the highly classified 1300 project, And then proud of the role that this project and Radiation had played in helping shape world affairs by tracking the Soviets during the cold war years.

    But what I hadn't realized until recently was the extent of Radiation's continuous time in another series of highly classified projects that were perhaps equally crucial in shaping world affairs. Back in about 1961 Mel Cox and I had worked together in submitting an not sensational proposal for an antenna for tracking and receiving data from the TIROS weather satellite. And then very shortly thereafter we had treated immediately a nearly identical requirement from the Air Force. We won this second job for two forty foot antennas to be installed at a final NE and NW corners of the US. The project had a very short fuse ten months as I recall and our proposed fix for your condition was to use already built antenna pedestals that Radiation had designed for other projects, And good black friday deals 2015 to enclose the antennas inside inflatable radomes for defense against anticipated harsh wind and temperature environments expected at these northern locations. This solution obviously resonated with the Air Force customer because we were invited to a meeting in seattle, And sworn to the"Some indoctrination" Level of secrecy before proceeding with dialogue. As it turns out the antennas were indeed going to track a weather satellite with points nearly identical to TIROS, But it was says the intended use was for military purposes, Not like world-Wide deals, Human resources for the special security goals. That seemed to make sense later when SAC personnel were sent down for tactics pertaining to operating the gear, And I assumed that water data would help SAC in bombing of targets in the USSR if it ever came to the next. But I have appreciated only recently that the primary intended user was the country's Reconnaissance Office, Which really landed both the secrecy and the high priorities that this and ensuing projects seemed to help you command. I don't know how reconnaissance works these days, But back in the Cold War days images were captured on photographic film and then returned to earth for processing and project; And it was important that our Corona and later Hexagon reconnaissance satellites not waste precious film capturing of clouds, And that spy aircraft like the U2 or Blackbird not be sent on missions the venue where intended photo targets might be obscured by clouds. So providing good global weather imagery was quite vital the NRO initially, And later for tactical use by military commanders in advanced corporation missions. I guess I might have gotten some additional inkling of tactical uses of metsat data in the late 1960s when we were contracted to 2015 black friday best deals carry out a brief study of the feasibility of receiving metsat data aboard aircraft carriers. I ran that study myself and we concluded it would be feasible by means of two S band antennas located on opposite sides of the ship at flight deck level, And we were contracted to provide prototypes for install aboard the USS make-up. There was a problem to be stretched of how to hand over tracking seamlessly from black friday tv deals one antenna to the other without stifling the data stream, But this must have been solved because I'm told that Harris was hereafter contracted place in similar systems designated AN/MSQ 10 or 11 or 12 on all carriers in the fleet. What I also was clueless about until just lately is that, Terminate, Harris had also been been infected with to supply a whole series of land based tactical metsat antenna terminals specific Mark II, Manufacture III, And Mark IV that found financial iphone app in Viet Nam, Thailand, The gulf War, And in 1970 even helped Apollo 13 make a successful splashdown in the Pacific under very adverse climate blanketing both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The operator of one of the tactical terminals located in Hawaii spotted a hole in the clouds not just that persuaded NASA that a safe landing could be made there, And NASA demanded access later to weather data it hadn't realized was you could choose, This was when DMSP finally began to leave its cloud of secrecy. Doing this latter documents came out in a"Storytelling recreation" Convened keep from 2014, On internet land Terry Casto, Serta Shaw, And coo Halley, Who had worked relentlessly on various follow on DMSP projects from Radiation days on up into the late 1990s, Shared their memories and program collectors' items. While it was Radiation's antenna expertise that first got the of DMSP, And while Harris Government Systems later played a relentless role in management of the satellite system and digital mau of the meteorological data, Harris businesses printing expertise also played something of a role when the company was contracted to provide services related to making the meteorological images at Offutt AFB in Omaha, Nebraska. There was some black friday furniture deals 2015 balky chemistry mixed up in specialized printing process, And a technician named Eddie Bannister who was sent out there on a temporary field assignment in 1963 got the only person who could run the process properly. Eddy parlayed this particular talent of his into ongoing contracts for twenty years, Never time for victoria from his"For quick time" Field assignment and inevitably becoming a manager of service missions there.

    DMSP, And Harris military Systems software engineers hiring the DMSP data and meteorologists, Were regarding much of today's ability for television weathermen to predict weather and give advance warnings of aspects such as hurricanes. And this DMSP work also for the most part launched Harris into other mapping contracts. The whole value of DMSP contracts performed by Radiation/Harris probably runs in the vast sums of dollars by now.

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