Choosing a Video Cam

Like any other gadget, you need to carefully choose a video cam if you want to get something that is worth your money and your time. Here are some of the considerations you need to have in mind when choosing a video cam.

You need to have an established purpose as to why you want to have a video camera in your home or workplace. This should be well-defined and stated by you whenever you want to buy one and have it installed in your home. A good number of buyers have bought it for security purposes. In places where you are not confident of the safety of your property, it is one way of establishing what goes on in your absence. It is one way of knowing what the people in your home do when you are not around- a spy camera or a nanny cam for your nanny. They have been used for a long time by professionals who observe nature and migration patterns, etc.; employers observe the whereabouts of their employees using cameras installed in their work places. Its one of the best ways of preventing theft since its presence will deter someone with dishonest intentions from doing what he had planned. Those who go ahead to do it will be caught and there will be enough evidence to prosecute them.

Buying a camera for security purposes in your home or workplace will require you to weigh all your available options. For the most basic of features (good recording memory and wireless connectivity) you may not have to part with a lot of money. However, in case you are looking for color footage and other accessories you will have to pay a lot more; several hundred dollars to be exact. Installation of cameras in your home may need the services of a professional, so you need to think about this fee as well.

Those who are on budget may have to work with what they have. The principle of using what you have to get what you do not have works well in this instance. You can spend about $50 or even less to record and spy on every activity that is going on in your home from your mobile phone or even your laptop. The DIY camera is the typical type for use in homes and in business places. It is cheaper and does not come with installation expense. An alternative is buying a webcam and if you already have one on your laptop you can use it to function the same way as a surveillance camera. From there, you can spy on every activity in your home or business from the comfort of wherever you will be. Those who have this software in their phones can record everything from their phones.

Flip Tips – Flip Video Cam 101

The Flip Video camera’s brilliance is in its simplicity. Just click the on switch, point and shoot! To record, press the big red button on the back of the Flip (you can’t miss it!) To stop recording, hit the red button again. It really is that simple!

The interface is basically the same whether you’re using the original, early model Flip Video, the popular Flip Ultra, or the new Flip Mino. Of course, each version has gotten a bit smaller, slicker and a bit more expensive.

As of this writing, the original Flip Video retails for $129.99 (USD), though we’ve seen it as low as $89! The original has 1GB memory and holds 60-minutes of video. The colorful Flip Ultra, in your choice of five, bright colors, has 2GB space and room for 60-minutes of video. The Ultra retails for $149,99 (USD). The newest addition to the Flip family is the Mino, also with 2GB and 60-minutes of video recording time. The Mino runs $179.99, but is smaller and has an internal battery. Earlier models require 2 AA batteries. The new Mino also adds some increased functionality, such as pause, fast-forward and rewind functions for playback.

On all models, after you’re done with your one-touch recording, you “flip” the camera’s USB arm open, plug it into your computer’s USB port, launch the built-in software and you’re ready to share your video! The Record-Connect-Share process is fast and easy.

Once you’ve got your video on your computer, you’ve got options for e-mailing your video, or publishing directly to YouTube, AOL Video, and with the Mino, to MySpace, as well. With the e-mail function, you can send a link to your video, or share a greeting using their private online greeting templates. You can also save and organize your videos to your computer, or as an email attachment.

The Flip’s features even allow you to create your own “movie mix,” by adding music or built-in effects. In addition to the auto-upload to YouTube, you can save your video to upload to other video-sharing websites. You can also organize your videos with the Flip’s video library.

The minimal controls on the Flip keep things simple, too. You can record, playback, or delete your unwanted “takes” with a couple of obvious buttons. There are also controls for zoom (not much) and volume. As mentioned above, the Mino adds pause, fast-forward and rewind options.

All the Flips come with a tiny, but adequate 1.5″ (diagonal) LCD screen, and the video quality and resolution is remarkable for such a low-priced camcorder. The video format output is MPEG-4 AVI, a relatively user-friendly format. Two AA (alkaline) batteries should give you up to 2 hours of continuous use, so bring extras if you’re planning a trip or heavy use. If you opt for the newer Mino, the battery is built-in.

The handy, little Flip cameras weigh just over 5 ounces, and the Mino is a mere 3.3 ounces. The Ultra and the Mino have a tripod mount on the bottom, and all models have a built-in microphone and speaker. The cameras include a TV-out jack so you can connect your Flip to a television. You can also snap still photos from the Flip video.

Editing video on the Flip itself is very limited, but you can change the start and end points of your video. In addition, the “movie maker” function gives you a choice of six movie styles or “effects.”
As for the built-in Flip Video software program, the minimum requirements for Windows are as follows: Intel Pentium 4.2.0 GHz, Windows XP SP2 w/ 512MB of RAM, or Visa w/ 2GB of RAM, and USB port. Requirements for the Mac are: Power PC G4 1.0 GHz or Intel Core, w/ 512MB RAM, OS X Tiger 10.4 or Leopard 10.5, and USB port.

Five Fun Uses for the Flip:

Because of its small size, convenience and use of use, The Flip is perfect for getting video on the fly… Here are 5 ways to use your Flip:

Citizen Journalism – Capture news as it happens, then sell your footage to the TV tabloids for big bucks!
Undersea Adventure – Yes, you can buy a waterproof case for your Flip, and tape your underwater antics!
Ride Along – Take your Flip on tour as you ride your bike, rollerblade or even ski! Just use the handy $15 attachment accessory!
Family Album – The Flip is perfect for taping your kid’s soccer games, baseball playoffs, band concerts or recitals. Aside from its limited zoom capabilities, the Flip was made for capturing family events and activities.
Vlog it – Turn the camera on yourself and start your own videoblog or online diary. You can tape yourself with your Flip and upload your video to YouTube or AOL video in minutes. It’s never been easier to get video online!

Learning the Basics of a Video Recorder

What is a Camera Recorder?
A camera recorder is frequently referred to as a “camcorder”. A camcorder is two devices combined into one device: a camera and a recording unit. Camcorders that were manufactured in previous years were still two devices in one, but the video was attached by means of an umbilical cord that was hooked to a large piece of recording equipment. As time and technology progressed, the video cam recorder evolved many times. Today’s recording and capturing devices are equipped with enhanced technology, such as HDMI, time lapse, and being waterproof. The recording devices that are available today on the market are not only equipped with advanced technology but professional software, such as GoPro.

Is There a Difference Between Video and Film?
Many people are curious to know if there is a different between video and film. Video and film are similar in many ways, but there are a few aspects that make them different from one another. Film has been around much longer than video and is more complicated. Film is the basic way of capturing video before technology evolved. With film, celluloid was used to expose an image to silver highlight so people could develop the image and print it if they wanted. With today’s technology, the process of developing film is not required because the methods and techniques have been simplified. Video captures an image in the same way film does, but instead of manually doing everything manually, video does everything electronically. In this instance, light is converted into multiple frequencies. Although video and film are two different techniques for capturing images, many people consider them to be one method.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Video Recorder?
In order to enjoy the many benefits a camera recorder, you need to purchase a recording device that is equipped with the feature you need to capture the best images and video. The primary benefit of a video recorder is capturing memories. The memories you capture will last forever. You can replay the memories as many times as you would like, even when the moment occurred many years ago. Another benefit of owning a video cam recorder is convenience. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, you can capture the events that take place. Camcorders are available in many different styles, sizes, and colors to meet your needs.

When Should You Purchase a New Recording Device?
Your electronic device will indicate when it is time for you to replace it. People who have first, second, or third generation recording devices may be interested in upgrading to new features and formats. Other reasons people may want to replace their video device is because the device has reached the end of its lifespan. A few ways you can tell your device is reaching its lifespan is by noticing the picture or sound quality is not what it once was. Some devices stop working and have to be replaced. Sometimes the battery has to be replaced and minor repairs need to be made to restore the video recorder to its high-quality status.

You Don’t Really Need a Video Camera

You don’t really need a video camera to capture the beauty of the flowers in the Iris Garden but when the light breeze blew the clouds away and the sunlight haloed the plants in a soft shimmering glow I pulled the little compact video cam from my pocket and started filming.

This is an amazing garden with a fantastic panorama of award winning Iris, but even names like bumblebee deelight, play with fire, acapulco gold, purple pepper, blueberry parfait and lacy snowflake, barely describe the vast array of color combinations on display. To truly appreciate these incredible flowers requires a walk through the garden, breathing in the remarkable floral fragrances and feasting the eyes on the palette of blooming sensory delights. Each Iris has a mixture of unique colors and its own distinct scent. In addition, poppies, lupines, pansies, clematis and peonies provide accent and compliment for the showy Iris.

While focusing on the thick column of dark blue and white clematis and zooming in on the slender, delicate, pastel columbines, I nearly bumped into you. Palm-sized video camera still in hand captured the flickering amusement on your face and in your smiling blue eyes.

But my hopes of titling the moment something like the first time ever I saw your face dissolved when you started laughing and ask me, by name, how I was and how everything was going.

What? Ah time, that pesky bandit raised the bar and I had to rummage through my memory banks to pull forth a name to attach to your cheerful face.

My memory obliged, years evaporated as a million and one details rushed in to fill the space between now and the last time I spoke with you at the crowded Easter Egg hunt. Faces of the many joyful children and their excitement as they waited for event to begin flipped through my mind. As the sun highlighted a bit of gray in your hair, I wondered how many years it had been and I realized those laughing children but must be college age, young adults by now.

We fell into one of those good to see you, how long has it been, how is everyone, catch up conversations, while the forgotten video recorder continued recording. In addition to capturing the beautiful garden and your smiling face it recorded every word. When I returned home, I watched the video with delight then emailed you a copy requesting permission to post the video for our mutual friends.

While I do not offer professional videographers any competition, I am very delighted to have captured the unexpected fun of seeing you and the ensuing great catch up meeting on video. Now if I could only add the wonderful fragrance of the gardens to the digital chronicle the essence of the meeting would be complete.

Pros and Cons of Shooting Video With a DSLR Camera

*DSLR stands for Dig­i­tal Sin­gle Lens Reflex. It’s the cam­era that pho­tog­ra­phers use.

In 2008 Canon start­ing adding a video mode to their DSLR cam­eras. They had no idea the phe­nom­e­non that it would bring.

DSLRs have huge sen­sors (the mech­a­nism that con­verts light to video) and way more, cheaper, high qual­ity lenses (also referred to as “glass”).

These fac­tors give DSLR cam­eras very sharp imagery as well as a very shal­low depth of field. Depth of field or Dof, refers to the focus of the image or video. A deep Dof is when the fore­ground and the back­ground of an image are both in focus. You see this com­monly in land­scape shots.

Shal­low Dof is when one part of the image is in focus while the rest is not. For exam­ple, imag­ine a romance movie. About 3/4 of the way through the film, the man and woman run to one another and kiss in the rain. On a close-up of them kiss­ing, you’d see them in focus, with the back­ground out of focus. You see it all the time in the movies, almost always used dur­ing back and forth dia­logue when 2 actors are talk­ing. This is a very sought after look by video pro­fes­sion­als and before DSLR video was extremely expen­sive to achieve. DSLR cam­eras achieve this look for a fifth of the price.

I started my videog­ra­phy career with a Sony VX-2000. It’s an older lit­tle Sony pro­sumer standard-def cam­corder. After I mas­tered that I was ready to upgrade to a Hi-def cam­era, but I didn’t have much money and good cam­eras are very expen­sive. I saw the qual­ity that DSLRs are capa­ble of and I became very inter­ested. The Canon 60D was in my price range and I bought it. It came with a 18-135mm EF-S lens. It shot 1080i and 720p at 24, 30 and 60fps (frames per sec­ond). It was a good cam­era and I really liked it. How­ever I got the oppor­tu­nity to upgrade to the Mer­cedes Benz of DSLRs…. The Canon 5D Mark II. I also got it with a 24-105mm canon L-series lens. It shoots beau­ti­ful, crys­tal clear, film­like video and I love it. Now here are the pros and cons

What’s great about DSLRs for video, and the rea­son they are so pop­u­lar, is the film­like qual­ity with the shal­low depth of field you can obtain for a much, much lower price. For exam­ple, experts often com­pare the canon 5d mark II to the Red One cam­era, which costs $25k. Now of course the Red One is a nicer cam­era, it shoots at 2k res­o­lu­tion, but it’s $25,000, the canon 5d mark II is $2,500 and the qual­ity is com­pa­ra­ble. For Inter­net and DVD pur­poses, the qual­ity is neg­li­gi­ble. In the­atre it would be obvi­ous, but what your video looks like in movie the­atres is not rel­e­vant to most. Any­way the point is the qual­ity for the price is incredible.

Now here’s the cons. No mat­ter how awe­some the video qual­ity is, it doesn’t change the fact that DSLRs are built for still pho­tog­ra­phy and only recently started offer­ing video. This means that they have crude audio capa­bil­i­ties. No man­ual audio gain con­trols with­out hacks or patches, no xlr (high qual­ity audio input), the built in mic is too low qual­ity to use, also it’s small and with­out a han­dle so it’s dif­fi­cult to oper­ate smoothly and it doesn’t have a con­trolled zoom.

All these cons have workarounds but it’s a more dif­fi­cult process than with a reg­u­lar video cam­era and it costs money. Even with these costly extras DSLR cam­eras are still worth the money but the ease of use and time it takes to bal­ance out the short­com­ings depend entirely on you. You absolutely have to get a sta­bi­liz­ing rig for smooth shoot­ing off the shoul­der, oth­er­wise your footage will be too shaky. These rigs aver­age around $500 with the higher qual­ity ones around $2,000. You can do what some peo­ple do and build your own rig or order the com­po­nents sep­a­rately and assem­ble it your­self. I’m going to do an entire post ded­i­cated to choos­ing or build­ing a rig and once it’s com­plete I’ll insert a link to it here.

Because the DSLR has poor audio capa­bil­i­ties, what most peo­ple do is buy a portable audio recorder to cap­ture audio sep­a­rately from the cam­era. You plug your mic in use that to dig­i­tally record your audio. Thats a great way to get high qual­ity audio, the prob­lem is, since the video and audio are not being recorded by the same device, you’ll need to sync these in post. You can do this man­u­ally using the a clap­per or snap etc. but there is a much sim­pler solu­tion which is a pro­gram called plural eyes. Plural eyes will auto­mat­i­cally sync your video to your audio in your time­line. It does this by lin­ing up the sep­a­rately recorded audio wave­forms to the audio wave­forms recorded by your low qual­ity built in cam­era mic. It’s not always per­fect but if you’re get­ting decent audio from your cam­era then it works quickly and effec­tively. There’s also a sis­ter pro­gram called dual eyes that will auto­mat­i­cally sync all the video files to all the audio files out­side of your edit­ing application.

In con­clu­sion, DSLRs give you excel­lent qual­ity for the price. How­ever, you’ll need to decide for your­self whether or not the short­com­ings of shoot­ing with a pho­tog­ra­phy cam­era are accept­able to you as a video creator.

I hope this article outlining the pros and cons of shooting video with a DSLR has been helpful to you…

The Weather Cam

There could not be any nicer live streaming video cam than the Rocky Mountain Cam. When I am on the cam control site I find myself taking picture after picture because the view is so breath taking and constantly changing. The Rocky Mountain Longs Peak of which it is centered on is a world in itself. I am there when I am watching it, I begin to think that I am beginning to become familiar with then there is a change such as a rolling rain storm or even some snow which at times is very blizzard like shrouding this grandiose peak in clouds and swirling snow.

Watching the breaking weather I find the snow is what I like to see the most because it has shape and defines itself to the Rocky Mountain Cam – The Weather cam of which I can see the changes as they occur and the snow accumulates. I find myself moving the cam display to full screen and tuning in some hip hop jams to tune the snow to some sound giving it some solid 3D definition only to find myself being dismissed by someone else who enjoy either the beauty of what the mountain cam has to show or their curiosity has draw them to the enchanted mystic that emanates from that tiny little box.

The library of photos displayed on the web cam internet site was my first draw to the huge number of sunsets and the variety of them over time taken from the web cam. I have just now started to capture video using my Cam Studio program to use as backdrops in my video presentations. Let me tell you that a stormy sky out video is an attention getting presentation backdrop as well as a fading sunset video also used for a presentation backdrop for the educational video’s I do. I can actually say the attendance has grown by spicing up the presentation this way.

One of the most exciting things was watching the news and seeing the web cam being shown during a building storm or during an actual storm. I am sure this is quite a savings for the television station to be able to do this without having to send a crew out remotely. I can tell you for as much beauty there is seen from the web cam, there is also plenty of the typical Colorado plains weather seen from here for this cam location is situated out north of the metro Denver area and less than 5 miles due west of Denver International Airport. Links for the web cam site and a direct link are in the resource box below.

John T Adams in the simplest terms fancies himself as an internet marketing entrepreneur. With the Rocky Mountain Cam he has been empowered to share some of the most diverse views rarely seem from most cams and then the ability to capture your own video or photographs from the streaming video web cam.

Alister Mackenzie’s Glorious Old Beauty, Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica, CA

In the sweet seaside community of Pacifica about 15 minutes from San Francisco, Sharp Park Golf Course is a classic track that Alister MacKenzie designed during the same era as he created his more world-famous courses in Northern California–Cypress Point, the Claremont Country Club, Pasatiempo and others. Sharp Park was also landscaped by another icon, John McLaren, who created Golden Gate Park. Supervising the planting of literally millions of trees in San Francisco and environs in his heyday of the late 1800s, McLaren also facilitated the planting of 100,000 trees in and around Sharp Park; today, as lush and as darkly romantic as ever, battalions of mature Monterey cypress and pines line the fairways, making this one of California’s most beautiful muni courses.

The easily walkable 6,299-yard course has the same Pacific Ocean views as when it opened in 1931. Generously wide fairways are watered by the Laguna Salada, a marshy lake inhabited by gangs of birds and waterfowl. Greens are in pretty darned good shape for a muni, with just a few that have some fungus around the edges. Plenty of moisture in the sea air translates into a lush world of emerald green.

MacKenzie’s only public seaside links, Sharp Park is beloved by Bay Area locals who enjoy the low weekday greens fees and the top-notch food in the cozy bar and casual clubhouse restaurant–– fresh local seafood is always on the menu. Decorated with vivid Depression-era paintings and beamed ceilings, the Spanish hacienda-style clubhouse was a WPA construction project. Adding to the vintage feel are the funky power carts without windshields, and an old-fashioned starter’s booth and tiny pro shop.

Golfers’ Weekend Getaway, Pacifica

After their rounds, golfers and weekenders head into the little town of Pacifica for good food and fun. My fav new place is Puerto 27 Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar, a popular, rambling, ocean view bar and restaurant serving great food and creative cocktails (the restaurant is adjacent to Pacifica Beach Hotel, one of the best hostelries in town, across from a nice beach and the waterfront walking path).

At the foot of town at Rockaway Beach, Dungeness crab and a dance floor have been big attractions at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant for 90 years; also here, the Sea Breeze Motel is an affordable place to stay.
A few steps away are the Best Western Plus Lighthouse Hotel
and the Pacifica Motor Inn.

A Grape in the Fog is a café and late-night gathering spot for wine, small plates and live music, while Lovey’s Tea Shoppe attracts lovers of the traditional English tea ritual, complete with tier upon tier of fabulous homemade treats and a wide variety of fresh, gourmet teas.

Eco vs. Muni

Sharp Park Golf Course has been the focus of a several-years-long political and legal tug-of-war between those who wish to retain the course for public recreation and for its historical value, and environmental groups who would do away with the golf course in order to establish a wildlife sanctuary (which, in fact, already exists here). Although an extensive renovation/restoration endeavor is in the works, the fate of Sharp Park continues to be uncertain.

4 reasons why Facebook's Whatsapp acquisition matters to marketers

Even though Facebook’s deal with WhatsApp is still fresh out the oven, it’s impossible to deny the potential that this move has for its users, including marketers. Here’s why:

As Mark Zuckerberg said this week, “WhatsApp is the only widely used app that has more engagement and a higher percentage of people using it daily than Facebook itself.”
WhatsApp is also the fastest growing messaging app. It has 450 million active users and is adding about 1 million per day. In comparison, Facebook Messenger only stands at about 150 million active users. Joining forces seemed like a natural move.
The deal will give Facebook better access to people in countries where, unlike WhatsApp, the social network is yet to have a strong presence (South Africa, Brasil, Australia…).
According to many reports, teenagers have been moving away from Facebook in the past couple of years, and are getting hooked with instant messaging applications like Snapchat and LINE. The deal with WhatsApp will let Facebook get closer to younger demographics. It’s good to remember that in 2013 Facebook tried acquiring SnapChat for USD $2 billion.
The move might not mean very much for marketers right now, but things will likely change within the next few months when Facebook’s plans for the app are revealed. In any case, just knowing that they have secured themselves a solid presence in new markets must feel pretty great.

Great Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Guidance For Somebody Trying to Find Details

You may well be delighted about the ability to alter anything through cosmetic surgery. Which is wonderful, however you need to ensure that you are totally informed of everything that will happen. Here are a few surgical treatment suggestions to make sure you are knowledgeable of the procedure.

Never has control been more valuable than in the world of cosmetic plastic surgery. The perfect procedure can make all the big difference on earth. Having a optimistic impact on self-esteem. Nevertheless, it is extremely present with go overboard. The outcome of a lot of methods are rarely great.

Surgical treatment will demand one or more working day of recuperation. Often the rehabilitation time period is going to be a lot longer. Make sure that you have prepared currently out, including who will help you especially the method that you will sustain your expenses while you are from operate and income.

There are lots of occasions in everyday life when saving cash is an important part of a purchasing decision, even so, cosmetic or plastic surgery will not be one of those occasions. This does not necessarily mean that you desire the highest priced doctor probable, but you want in order to avoid spending budget plastic cosmetic surgery at the same time.

Well before you do have a treatment completed, be sure you carefully look into the stated method. Lots of people are enthusiastic, plus they speed into specific procedures. Their fundamental research powers their desires. They forget about to ensure that they admiration the necessity of such a choice, by not completely research the possibility.

Virtually all plastic doctors could have a magazine accessible for their past tasks, even for seductive alterations such as bust surgery. Make sure to request to have a look around this guide in order to see the level of success your physician has knowledgeable in past times. And also this offers you a chance to make thorough decisions relating to your own modifications.

Perform some research in the place where you will certainly be getting your surgical treatment. These locations needs to be registered, normal inspection data needs to be readily available plus they must have information of the accreditation. Your medical doctors workplace should be routinely looked over, and also registered. Make certain that the location where you will have surgical procedures are up to date with the state accreditation board standards. It also needs to possess a beneficial history, without the need of legal actions and unhappy people.

Research to discover simply how much expertise a health care provider has using the job you want to have performed. A operating specialist could be more skillful the greater number of treatments he functions. Also, physicians that have continuously completed the processes you’re contemplating have more individuals it is possible to talk to concerning their operate. Because of this he is more prone to get some medical malpractice matches on his record, if suitable

Regardless how small a cosmetic surgery process is, you ought to have a assistance group firmly into position. Make certain that a pal or comparable is aware exactly your location and what you’re carrying out. Your physician and her or his crew needs to have the appropriate contact info, as well. Using this method, in the event you will find unexpected difficulties, you’ll have someone prepared to assist you.

Be sure to inquire about consultation fees prior to going set for the initial appointment. Some physicians demand to the office check out, then again this expense is deducted in the ultimate cost of the surgical procedures if you choose that operating specialist. Other individuals will charge a fee for that go to no matter what one last choice, plus some supply free of charge consults.

Glance at the surgical centre to verify that, it has the right licensing in your state. The correct certification ensures, the center goes through standard inspections. These requirements minimize the danger of submit-operative infection, along with other difficulties. If the service lacks the appropriate certification, get the method executed in other places.

Every little thing ought to be prepared for your recuperation following the surgical treatment. Get a couple of weeks away function and get ample meals held in your fridge so you do not have to go out of your own home. Enable your friends and relations know you will probably might need some support and might not be able to generate.

Surgical treatment ingrandimento del pene is a thing that isn’t being hurried into. You may be pleased about finally progressing to modify something about yourself you do unlike, but bear in mind it is surgery. Prepare yourself and well informed in regards to the entire process, in order that it will go properly. Take advantage of the ideas organized on this page, and you can have confidence you might be both well prepared and knowledgeable.

How Online Advertising is Outperforming Traditional Ads

A recent infographic published by The Search Engine Journal demonstrates how the emerging digital marketing sector is outperforming traditional advertising. The report attributes this trend to an average maximum ROI of no more than 18% generated through television ad campaigns, the decline of print media circulation, and the fact that people prefer listening to their custom Pandora radio stations over traditional radio. The report notes that the same exact audience that can be reached with Super Bowl television ad campaigns can be acquired with digital marketing for 25% of the cost online.

The main advantage online advertising has over traditional methods stems from social media product endorsements. While traditional ad campaigns ushered in the use of celebrity product and service endorsements, Twitter has now cornered the market in celebrity endorsements through ad clients like Sponsored Tweets and Staree. Facebook also provides companies a much more efficient pool of endorsements with the advent of likes and sharing. The Nielsen “Trust in Advertising” report, noted that only 14% of people value the recommendation of ads while 78% of people value the recommendations of other consumers as a credible source.

Facebook currently has over 1.1 billion users. If Facebook were a country, it would have a population of more than three times the size of the United States, which currently has a population of 313.9 Million. Google reports having over 3 billion searches a day, making online search the preferred resource for shoppers topping local print media ads, and yellow pages. The data clearly shows that companies can’t afford to ignore the digital marketing sector.

For more on the report published The Search Engine Journal on online advertising verses traditional advertising view the slideshow associated with this article or see “Internet Marketing Statistics You Can’t Ignore.”

Paris Coffee Shop in Fort Worth: Where John Denver dined

Early one morning, my Fort Worth, Texas friend announced she was taking me to one of Fort Worth’s best breakfast places. Located on the south side of town in what is known as the ‘hospital district’; nevertheless, I was a bit leery about the prospects as some of the buildings looked rather ‘forgotten’.

She tells me to trust her because we’re heading for the famous Paris Coffee Shop. “But don’t expect any Paris there,” she warns because it’s really a disguised diner. “Oh great,” I’m thinking as I briefly reminisce about Mel’s Diner – a fictional roadside diner in the 1976-1985 American TV series Alice. I’m secretly hoping that the service and food will be better than that delivered by the acerbic Flo at Mel’s Diner.

A Fort Worth institution

Considered a Fort Worth institution since 1930, the Paris Coffee Shop is the oldest family-owned restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas. These days it operates from a building that was originally a beauty shop. Constructed around 1927, it is a rather nondescript white building with a blue sign that now marks the Paris Coffee Shop. (Prior to being the home of the Paris Coffee Shop, it was a Safeway in 1941, whereupon it was eventually remodeled with a Moderne façade.) As of 1975, it became home to Paris – the Paris Coffee Shop that is. And these days the diner in disguise has a booming business for breakfast and lunch, since they aren’t open for dinner.

The Paris Coffee Shop is owned by Mike Smith and his wife Ginger. As you walk through the door of this 1970’s “throw-back” diner, more than likely it will be Mike Smith you encounter. A big man with a big smile and warm embrace, he arrives Monday-Saturday before sunrise so as to make his signature pies from scratch. “The classic coconut meringue and chocolate meringue are our best-sellers,” he proclaims. “But the cobblers are great, too!”

Breakfast as the star

But I’m here for breakfast, and no matter how hard I try to convince myself, I’m not ready yet for that slice of pie. Besides pies, they are also known for their down-home breakfast fare of biscuits and gravy, grits, omelets, and pancakes. Service is classic Southern hospitality, and our waitress is everything a top waitress should be: cordial, efficient, friendly, and willing to engage in conversation with a most genuine, neighborly smile.

I order one of the newer, lighter specialties – a Greek omelet with spinach, mushrooms and feta while my friend stays with the familiar biscuits and gravy. After sampling her fare, I wished I had ordered the same because it was so sinfully good. Still, I very much enjoyed my healthier alternative. Plus, I enjoyed my endless cup of coffee that was aromatic, full-bodied, and satisfying.

Where John Denver dined

Smith (owner) soon approaches our table to greet us, whereupon I asked him about the John Denver blurb on the back of his menu. (I‘ll admit that John Denver was one of my all-time favorite musicians back in the 1970’s. Think I bought every record he ever produced.) It turns out that Smith knew Denver very well, long before he became famous as a folk singer, back when his name was actually Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. and when he was attending Arlington Heights High School.

In a strange twist of fate, Denver paid a visit to see Smith at his coffee shop after a quick stop in town. This was after his last show in Fort Worth at the Will Rogers Auditorium in October, 1997. Denver ordered a breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and flour tortillas. Less than two weeks later, he would perish in a single-engine plane crash off the coast of California. Denver was only 53 year old at the time.

Accolades keep coming

But that’s not the only brush with fame for the gregarious yet humble Smith: Bon Appetite ranked the Paris Coffee Shop among the top 10 in the country for 2012 – honoring his pies that, unfortunately, I had yet to taste. In the same year, Food Network’s Sugar High praised Smith’s coconut meringue pie. (Lost opportunity: Maybe I should have ordered pie for breakfast?)

As if that isn’t enough, Smith was recently honored for saving the life of a Fort Worth police officer who happened to be dining in his restaurant. When the officer found he was unable to breathe, desperately gasping for air, Smith stepped in when nobody else did. He promptly administered the Heimlich maneuver to the astonishment of acquiescent diners.

Smith received a plaque from a grateful police department that reads: “For providing extraordinary service and effort to save the life of a Fort Worth Police Officer, T. York, on August 7, 2013.” It is now hanging on the restaurant’s wall, along with dozens of photographs of celebrities and athletes who have dined at Paris Coffee Shop.

For a slice of Fort Worth hospitality, some of the best home-style cooking, along with an encounter with a real hero, check out the Paris Coffee Shop. Open 6:00 am – 2:30 pm weekdays; 6:00 – 11:00 am Saturdays (breakfast only). Closed Sundays.